Winfried Meissner, Germany

After his residency as an anesthesiologist at University Hospital Berlin-Steglitz, Prof. Meissner was appointed head of Jena University Hospital’s Pain Unit in 1994, and head of the Palliative Care department in 2009. The Pain Unit covers all areas of pain management (acute pain service, outpatient service unit, inpatient consultation service, multimodal pain management program, interdisciplinary pain conference, etc.). Prof. Meissner and his group coordinate two large registries in the area of acute pain: QUIPS (Quality Improvement in post-operative pain management; in Germany) and its international counterpart PAIN OUT (Improvement in postoperative PAIN OUTcome). These registries offer feedback and benchmarking of pain treatment outcomes and facilitate health service research which resulted so far in more than 50 publications. In addition, he is coordinator of PROMPT, one of three subprojects of IMIPainCare which has started in 2018. Further research addresses chronic pain after intensive care treatment.

Meissner is member of several national and international societies including ESA and IASP. He is married and has five children.